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Now that we are back from vacation-well, half-holiday-it’s time to talk about something we shouldn’t be talking about. Here are some updates that guarantee 100% no conspiracy theories and misinformation. The first is the 2020 general election.

On Saturday, Margot Cleveland published an article among Federalists about new evidence showing that there were 10,300 illegal votes in the presidential election in Georgia. “This number will continue to rise in the coming months” and may exceed the number in between. 12,670 votes. Biden and Trump. No, this does not change the fact that Biden is president, nor does it mean that Trump will win across the country. But it does prove that Trump and his legal team’s observations of the Georgia election results are correct.

Please see here.

Other states are also facing potential fraud problems. These states allow absentee ballots to be sent everywhere—especially yon—and do not have the legislative authority to prevent cheating. In an obvious red or blue state, this may not be a problem, but in a battlefield state like Georgia, it magnifies doubts about the outcome. The final count for Peach State is still vague.

In fact, without even entering the voting machine dispute and tabulation closure, there is evidence that as many as 35,000 Georgians may vote illegally. The data shows that at least 30 days before the election day, 35,000 people moved from one county in Georgia to another, but still voted in the county where they originally lived. Of course, some of these actions may be temporary, and for college students, these votes will not be illegal. But 10,300 of them did register to vote in their new county and provided a new address, which meant a permanent change.

If even one-third of those 35,000 votes were cast illegally, it might have changed the outcome. According to Atlanta election lawyer Jake Evans, under Georgia law “an election should be overturned if 1) more votes than decided the election were illegal, wrongfully rejected or irregular; or 2) when there were systemic irregularities that cast in doubt the results of the election.”

President Trump, in Dallas on Sunday to speak at CPAC, appeared on SUNDAY MORNING FUTURES with Maria Bartiromo and noted that 35,000 votes is “far more than we need to win that state.” Besides that, he went on to remind us that this was just one example of the various problems in Georgia. I could mention them here, but they’ve been discussed at length and you know what they are.

Trump also said that over the next two or three weeks, there will be announcements out of Arizona. “We’re gonna see; it’s a very big deal,” he said. He mentioned issues in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire as well.

It should come as no surprise that the President used the word “rigged.” We are simply quoting him, not saying ourselves that the outcome was changed in any way. Oh, my goodness no.

Since we’re not supposed to be talking about election outcomes, I’ll leave it at just one question right now: If the roles were reversed, and Trump had won Georgia with a margin this small and questions this big, would the Democrats have sat quietly and just let it go? You bet your sweet bippy they wouldn’t.

So let’s move on, to something else we’re not supposed to talk about –- and, again, there will be no conspiracy theory or misinformation here. Did you know that for years, the FBI had thousands of documents related to the investigation of the homicide of Seth Rich, even though they denied having anything? Not surprisingly, this is true, as they have quietly posted them on their “vault.”

Please see here.

Seth Rich was the 27-year-old staffer for the Democratic National Committee who was killed on July 10, 2016, in what has been described as a robbery gone bad on a Washington, DC, street. With information gleaned from trusted sources, we’ve discussed the facts of this case before, but it’s gratifying to finally see some of the information for ourselves. On the other hand, many of these pages are almost totally redacted.

That’s the line they DIDN’T redact? Sure makes you wonder what was in the rest of it.

Some of these emails are to or from “RSMSC,” who almost certainly is “Robert S. (Swan) Mueller, Special Counsel.” “AAW” is Andrew A. Weissmann. One heavily redacted email has the subject line, “FW: we think muller arranged the hit on Seth Rich.” Yet another subject line says, “Crooked Mueller has the name of a hitman.”

Attorney Ty Clevenger has been trying literally for years to get all of this information. The FBI released it without notifying him.

Now, before anybody gets the idea that we’ve gone conspiracy-mad, let me just say that regardless of who is behind Seth Rich’s death, this new material raises big questions:

  1. Why did the FBI say for years that they had nothing on this case when they had plenty?
  2. Why the years of secrecy if this was just a random robbery gone wrong?
  3. And why all the redactions now? Is this a matter of national security? Why?
  4. Does the FBI know who leaked the DNC emails?
  5. Does the FBI know more about Rich’s death than they’ve said?

Julian Assange, currently being held in a London prison possibly awaiting extradition to the United States, has not confirmed the identity of his source for the leaked DNC emails he published on WikiLeaks, though he did offer a $20,000 reward for information regarding Rich’s death. (He did specify that his source was not with any government, including Russia.)

It’s possible that Rich’s death really was a robbery gone wrong. Violent crime happens all the time in Washington, DC, to people just walking down the street, especially after dark. But Rich’s killing appeared so senseless; he was shot twice in the back, and his wallet, keys, and phone were still with him. He was still wearing a $2,000 gold necklace and watch.

We don’t know what happened the night of July 10, 2016. But we do know the FBI has lied, again. And what we need, as soon as Republicans are back in the majority, is for “RSMSC,” “AAW” and possibly a few more of the usual suspects to appear before. The House Intelligence Committee in a classified setting and answer pointed questions about this. In the meantime, a word of enlightenment from Julian Assange might be even more helpful.

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